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Audit Committee

Is responsible for auditing the league’s financial records for the term, documenting its findings and providing a final written report to the league’s Executive Board.

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Litra O. Gunter


Hospitality Committee

Coordinates arrangements for food, beverage, and incidental supplies needed for meeting attendees. Within guidelines established by the Chapter, the committee maintains a schedule of members to host/co-host each meeting except special gatherings such as holiday events, anniversaries or Woman of the Year events.


Arlene Reese


Professional Development Committee

Coordinates business and market-relevant programming for each monthly Chapter meeting. 

Renee Dixon.jpeg

Renee Dixon

Computer Screens

Social Media/Website

The Website Committee is a newly established team of members and a website designer who stay abreast of what’s happening with social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). 

Karen McDowell.jpg

Karen McDowell

Picking Up Trash

Community Outreach Committee

Maintains relationships with community groups through volunteer services.  The Chapter donates school supplies, toiletries for elder care and needed items for women in transition.


Karen Y. Williams

First Time Membership

Membership Committee

Maintains the strength and vitality of the Chapter through stimulating membership involvement and recruitment of new members.


Karen McDowell

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Newsletter Committee

Designs, writes, publishes and distributes the Chapter newsletter to members, the District Vice President and to National. 


Teresa A. Jones

Image by MD Duran

Budget Committee

Monitors the Chapter’s scholarship fund and serves as a liaison between the Chapter and the Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund.

Denise Roberts.JPG

Denise Roberts

Image by Annie Spratt

Benevolence Committee

Upon notification by the Chapter, the committee sends cards of condolence, get-well wishes or other appropriate greetings as requested.


Karen McDowell

Teacher and Young Student

Mentorship Committee

Helps guide girls in middle and high school toward their chosen career paths by cultivating mentoring relationships. Understanding that some young women may not choose a college, this mentoring provides guidance and support while exposing
them to several opportunities through “leaving to learn” experiences.


Angela Willams, Kia Warner

Collecting Donations

Ways and Means Committee

Identifies and recommends  opportunities which generate capital to sustain the league’s operations - based on the guidelines of the Association, Federal and State government.


Constance A. Reese

Image by MD Duran

Technology Committee

Monitors the Chapter’s scholarship fund and serves as a liaison between the Chapter and the Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund.


Teresa A. Jones

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